Believe me, please

The night is defied by neon lights

and yet so much stays out of sight

You are likely to miss it

It’s not for sale

And so it’s never advertised.


But believe me when I say it’s there

True enough to lay it bare

Yet, you probably won’t find it done

and so you’ll walk by unawares


Will try and make it’s presence felt

for those not seeking evidence

So don’t look for it, just close your eyes

You’re not meant to visualise.


It’s something not to see

and yet believe

Though I may not wear it

on my sleeve .

But believe me please  when I say it’s there

Can you see it now ?

Just laid it bare.





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words and pictures; so much to talk about, so much best left unsaid. lines. some things hide between them, some things cross them. not everything's a poem. or maybe eventually, everything is.

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